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I consider Joe to be one of the best guides that I have ever worked with. His skills are superb in both his personal climbing ability and his rock and ice guiding techniques. He is an impressive teacher with clients of all ages. And his inter-personal approach with all people is honest and supportive.
Elaine Matthews, Gunks guide since 1970, founder of The Inner Wall, New York’s first commercial climbing gym
Joe, we really enjoyed our time climbing this morning and want to thank you for your expert guidance, patience and encouragement. We’re still high from our adventure and happily reviewing pics now.
Tad, Lori, Madalyne and Julia Troilo
Joe is one of the most professional and experienced guides I encounter on the mountain. Anyone looking for a great, safe day outside would truly enjoy spending the day with him.
Andrew Bajardi, Mohonk Preserve Ranger
I’ve climbed all over the world from the Cordillera Blanca to the Sea cliffs of Sardinia, from Yosemite to the Gunks, and Joe Vitti is my favorite climbing partner and guide as he brings humor, skill, and an overriding sense that everything’s going to be fun. He’s the quintessential pro.
Tom Shane, Los Angeles CA
Great instructor with thorough depth of knowledge and care for the sport. Could not have asked for a more enjoyable learning experience. Full of zeal for the sport of climbing and a pleasure to learn with. Very glad I took this course.
Joe Drebaughm, SPI Course
I have had the good fortune to have Joe as a guide at the ice fest over the year’s his safety standards are excellent, and he always finds a way to make the day fun and a great learning experience!
Mike Burke
I have literally climbed around the US and on the other side of the universe with Joe. He is without a doubt the very best of the best! Mentor, teacher, friend!
Amy Meredith
I went to the course as a Recert. I am currently working as a SPI and just needed to Recert. I went to the course very comfortable with the material and knowing more above the basic curriculum. I felt Joe did a great job balancing between the difference in the experience and knowledge. Joe was awesome. He made the course. His positive energy and overall great attitude with great sense of humor provided a relaxed atmosphere to learn and practice skills in.
Summer Reed, SPI Course
Congratulations on your business adventure! I’ll never forget my first climbing lesson with you in Red Rocks…I was so scared and you just put me right at ease…at one with myself and the beauty around me! I was so proud of myself that day. Much love!
Kathy Sayers